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Shared Services Partnership


A Phased Approach to Growth, Sustainability and Success

The Healthcare Network (THN) has been established by one of the most experienced healthcare leadership teams in the UAE who understand the dilemma faced by many independent operators.

THN has enhanced its offerings to include utilizing its extensive network of clinics and solid relationships with investors to support them in identifying suitable expansion and growth targets. Our network extends to the largest number of clinics in Dubai and the UAE with a unique understanding of the various intricacies within each specialty and the dynamics of the growth and expansion strategies.
Over the past years, THN has developed an extensive relationship with many of the best polyclinics and healthcare providers in the UAE. Our network includes specialized centers with individual practices and extends all the way to more advanced polyclinics with multiple specialties. We have also developed our in house rating system that qualifies these clinics based on their financial performance and unique propositions to maximize the synergies and growth plan efficiencies.

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Our advanced relationships with individual investors and institutions extends beyond the UAE as we have been actively advising on successful investments from beyond the UAE and the region. All our investors are carefully vetted and scrutinized to ensure their authenticity. If you would like to source a suitable entry or expansion into the healthcare space in the UAE, we would be delighted to support you in developing your investment plan and executing it as we extend our full range of services and network to fulfill your strategy. Our bespoke service keeps our partners fully involved in our activities and processes and carefully matches potential investors to clinics in a highly confidential individualized service.

Phase 1

  • Improved negotiation power with insurers for better terms and conditions
  • Working closely with insurers and employers to refer patients directly into the THN Network, exclusively
  • Strategic leadership with support in accessing developmental capital
  • Streamline accounting, purchasing, HR, contract and licensing systems with the benefit of scale
  • Medical quality control and audit management
  • The introduction of revenue cycle management systems to help clinics suffering with too high a claim rejection ratio

Phase 2

  • The Healthcare Network will introduce a Managed Care program to build a network of ‘ethical’ providers focused on quality healthcare with the most efficient delivery model where the payment of referral fees and abuse of branded medications are replaced by higher volumes of patients.

Phase 3

  • The Healthcare Network will then work with the entire partnership network to re- brand as one united group and introduce a common IT (HIS Hospital Information System) and then advance the ‘united’ Healthcare Network Group to market, to go through a managed exit at an estimated 7 -10 x multiple and truly become one group. There may also be opportunities for partial exits at this stage.

    THN will create every opportunity for Private Equity backers to realise an arbitrage opportunity to buy a whole group and immediately list on the London market as a premium GCC Medical Group.