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Welcome to The Healthcare Network

The Healthcare Network aims to create a successful network of healthcare providers that would benefit from centralized services to improve the overall performance & achieve a higher valuation.

The Healthcare Network (THN), based in heart of Dubai, is an innovative business model for the healthcare industry which brings together providers, and insurers in a partnership based on the fundamentals of ethical performance, values and the quality of care delivery.

THN has one of the most experienced healthcare management teams in the GCC and the business is 40% owned by management and 60% by strategic investors.

The Future Of UAE Healthcare

The Healthcare Network is an innovative shared services provider that offers small to medium independent, entrepreneurial healthcare operators a lifeline in an oversupplied marketplace that has become increasingly difficult to survive.

Indeed, it is not unusual to see clinics, small hospitals or individual Doctors working at just 30 – 40% capacity, struggling to maintain a viable, quality assured practice.

The impact of insurers agreeing to capitation schemes with the big networks combined with vast and expensive healthcare reforms that are being swiftly introduced across the UAE have made the business of healthcare for smaller independent clinics, incredibly challenging.

Insurers have found themselves fragmented and damaged by low premium levels, too much competition, abuse and fraud in the system which have forced them to refuse price adjustments and de-list some independent clinics.

There are over 2,500 clinical providers within Dubai alone

Over 60 Health Insurance Companies frequently encounter loss ratios greater than 100%

With mandatory health insurance set at low tariffs, this increases the pressure on employers to contain healthcare costs, often at the expense of quality assured care. DRG coding or value-based healthcare models will inevitably replace CPT coding and with hospital grading systems being introduced, this immense pressure on smaller, independent operators often leads to disastrous consequences.

Innovation in healthcare technology with the introduction of telemedicine has left some traditional healthcare practitioners out in the cold and this combined with the removal of ‘traditional’ incentive fees, leaves the healthcare landscape across the UAE almost unrecognisable in just a few short years.


What can the independent, entrepreneurial clinic do to survive?



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